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My Compass ~ THE FOUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES BEHIND absolutely everything I create. THEY form the rock-solid foundation of this tiny business.

My Compass ~ THE FOUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES BEHIND absolutely everything I create. THEY form the rock-solid foundation of this tiny business.



Who here thinks it’s vitally important to look after all life that exists on this beautiful planet of ours?

Good, me too.

I consider this earth in every aspect of my business.

Whilst in Bali, I consciously sourced an ethical paper handmade from 100% recycled materials. Not only is it kind to the planet, but it also directly contributes towards the community initiative of local women who not only create this incredible paper by hand, but also rely on it's production as their source of income.

My Scrollo frames are also ethical and eco-friendly ~ lovingly handmade from reclaimed Ulin hardwood, sourced from abandoned structures in Borneo. The tiny factory in Bali is extremely grateful for our support especially during these very difficult times for Balinese people.

You can read more about the paper and wood further down this page.

It’s not perfect yet though…. I use plastic sleeves to protect the art prints.
I can source cellulose (sugar cane) sleeves from the U.S. but we must consider the environmental impact of transport from U.S. But these thin plastic sleeves I use are recyclable at RedCycle (Australia) and also at all soft plastic recycling locations worldwide.

So I’m getting there! By no means perfect, but trying my hardest to reduce my impact (and therefore your impact) on this beautiful place we call home.

Because there is no Planet B.

~ USE ~


What’s the point in being beautiful but useless?

I’m one of those design-savvy folks who absolutely adores beautiful and crafted things, but being a minimalist too, I also want objects to be useful. To have a purpose.

So everything I create is not just pretty, it’s practical too.

My art prints of locations around the globe bring happy memories and smiles to your face everytime you see them hanging on your wall. They are designed and sized to fit perfectly into readymade affordable frames, so that you can easily and affordably find frames for your new art prints. Practical yet beautiful.

My Scrollo frames are elegant, clever, minimalist and practical. They make hanging your artwork incredibly easy, whilst still looking stunning on your wall.

The Voyager Frames, made from rustic teak and heavy-duty acrylic, are meticulously made which still being sturdy, functional and damage-proof.

So why compromise beauty over function, or viceversa?

This world needs objects that cover both bases, that’s for sure.



I was that geeky kid at school who loved getting all my new stationery at the start of the year, meticulously laminating my subject notebook covers with contact paper, and who excelled at in technical drawing classes.

That attention-to-detail and drive for perfecting my craft has never left! I am now the woman who spends hours in paper goods shops, pouring over Japanese notebooks, design magazines and stationery accessories.

You see where this is going…? Yes everything I create has to pass my own very high standards of finishing and crafting. From paper choice and print quality, to packaging, giftwrapping and thank you notes… yes I’ve even designed my own shipping rubber stamps!

Because at the end of the day, is it just me, or is there anything more satisfying than opening up a handwrapped package, to find beautifully crafted and designed treasures inside?

That’s the experience I want to give you. Every. Single. Time.

Because we all deserve beauty and craft in our lives.

~ AWE ~


And the guiding light in all of my art… to inspire wonder.

To gently remind you on a daily basis that this world is an incredible place. Yes, we seem to be bombarded with negativity about the future of us and the planet via media every which way we turn, but we can also seek out the good in the world too. It’s always very close at hand.

We can remember what it felt like the first time we ever saw fireflies in a lush Yosemite valley, or swam at night in the secret coves of Sydney, or had our breath taken away seeing the vastness of the Golden Gate bridge, or climbed the 1,576 steps to the top of the Empire State Building to view the vibrant and never-ending metropolis below.

This world is a never-ending source of inspiration for me. Hence my gypsy lifestyle, my constant wanderlust and my ever-growing travel bucket list.

My only hope is that these art prints & frames inspire your gypsy heart too, and that we as a whole never stop exploring.

ETHICAL, EARTH-FRIENDLY, high-quality MATERIALS & impeccable production


A small group of local women on scooters traverse the island on the hunt for waste paper, collecting it from roadsides to fancy resorts.

They then literally blend it up with a giant stick blender, then pulp it with gloved hands, and then squeegee it by onto mesh screens. e screens are then put out on the bustling city street, in the sun, to dry. On wet days, production comes to a well-deserved halt.

The result is a stunning, genuinely handmade, wonderfully textured paper with a unique story all of it’s own. You can literally feel the journey and the creative process within it’s very fibers.

My designs have finally found their ‘home’ on this extraordinary paper.


My ‘Scrollo’ frames took on a whole new style and story after discovering an incredible wood factory in the backstreets of Ubud.

Long-forgotten boats and falling-down bridges, found abandoned on the rugged island of Kalimantan, in Indonesian Borneo, are meticulously dismantled and transported to Bali. Here, the Ulin hardwood is then lovingly repurposed ~ with beautiful imperfections and unexpected grains fully showcased in all their glory, nail holes and all. The quality, history and feel of this wood is second-to-none.

The warm, weathered faces in the wood factory, patiently crafting the dowels, smile at me through dust-covered goggles every time I visit.

Every single Scrollo Frame, handmade by these men, has a unique look all of it’s own, with colour tones varying from a warm ochre to a hazelnut brown, sometimes with visibly darker wood knots.

The solid brass hanging system I designed is brought to life by by a lone, skilled Balinese jeweller, in his tiny workshop in the jungles of northern Ubud.All these elements, stories and materials come together, to create this innovative glass-free picture frame that is truly one-of-a-kind.